At APEX, we pride ourselves with learning and adapting our management style from our past.  Thought the course and most critically at the end of every project, we poll our clients and everyone else on the project team (Architects, Designers, Subcontractors, Suppliers...) to get a candid snapshot of how we are managing our projects.  We review everything from what is really working to that which needs help to make the project experience on all levels better and more effective.  We are constantly learning an implementing new strategies and management tools to maintain being best in the luxury estate building industry.

We appreciate everyones absolute candor and urge you to pull no punches in reviewing us.  We understand that your critique and comments can only make us better as a company and insure that every project is the most successful for everyone involved.  Please share your experience with us and let us know how we can better serve you!  We would truly appreciate if you could answer any/or all the questions below to keep us on the top of the Estate Builders List.

With Sincere Thanks,

Brian D. Hyla

(***Below has been modified from the standard project review survey to hear from those we have not worked with***)

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Succesful projects are defined by many facets. Please describe what factors led to your most successful project to date.
We all know that this industry is based on relationships. We all have our favorite "Go-To" connections. With your favorite builder in mind, tell us why you like teaming with them. (No need to name any companies)
Everyone has flaws and can be better at something. What has consistently been an issue from project to project, that you wish builders would address, and have not?
Every client is unique and most all of them have complaints. We understand that there are some outliers, but there usually is a reoccurring theme across all projects. What are those things that clients repeatedly complain about?
We all have those nagging issues in every company. If you are willing to share, what are those things that you wish you could change to make your business easier?
We approach every project with a mindset of 100% collaboration aacrossthe team. Is this something you value, if no, why not?